Boring Canal Road in Patna is an important residential and commercial center of the city. Boring Canal Road is 2.5 kms in length. It is known by two names as East Boring Canal Road and West Boring Canal Road. Actually the eastern side of the two lane of the Road which is built over a canal is named East Boring Canal Road and the western side as West Boring Canal Road. The east and West Boring Canal Road is divided by the Parking space all along its length almost. Boring Canal road and Boring road intersect each other at Boring Road crossing (CHOURAHA).


Boring Canal road extends from Rajapur water pump to Hartali Mode on Bailey road. Colonies like Anandpuri, Buddha Colony and Srikrishnapuri are spread on the two sides of Boring Canal Road. It is growing as new commercial Hub of Patna.  Pantaloon Mall with KFC , Reliance trends , another smaller mall at Boring road crossing and a number of retail outlets adorn Boring Canal Road.  


A number of commercial and residential complexes are built on both the sides of this road. Paranjal apartment is one of the oldest apartments on this road. Hira Lal the famous sweets shop is another attraction on this road. Tata’s car showroom is another landmark.


A number of coaching centers are too located on this Road. Panch Mukhi Mandir is another landmark on Boring Canal Road.  In all in all Boring Canal Road is a lively, busy commercial area of Patna with ample Parking facilities. The Commercial property prices in Boring Canal road is galloping day by day. The demand outstrips supply by high margin. 



Property Code:- B16A003S16082016

Shop for sale in Main Boring Canal Road, on ground floor; near Reliance trends. 2 shops of 120 Sq.Ft. each

PRICE:-    Rs.12000/Sq.ft.