Danapur Cantt is the area including the marked cantonment area and localities around it. In the cantonment area there could be no business of real estate by private parties. Therefore we have included the area west of Danapur Khagaul road via Shaguna More to Cantonment in Danapur Cantt. The area to the east of Danapur Khagaul road we have included in Danapur Bazar heading and it will include Shaguna More, Gola road etc.


Therefore the Danapur Naubatpur road falls in Danapur Cantt area. New Mainpura, New Tarachak, Hathikhana, Anand Bazar, Ragurampur, Chandmari west, Sikandarpur, Faridanpur, Mobarakpur, and area around School of Creative Learning are the areas included in Danapur Cantt.  There is robust growth and development going in this locality. The growth story of Bihar is in reality reflected the most in this area in any and every field.


Danapur actually is a satellite town of Patna; but no more. It is now a colony of Patna.  It was constituted as a municipality in 1887; it is located on the bank of the River Sone, which merges with River Ganga at Digha a few kilometers from Danapur. Danapur is a shelter and hatchery for the migrating Siberian Cranes, locally called Janhgil. The Army Headquarters of Bihar and Jharkhand is situated in the army cantonment here.

Flagstaff Ghat on the Gangaat Danapur, built in 1859, is one of the oldest Ghats. Gurudwara Handi Sahib, a Gurudwara of Guru Tegh Bhadur, is a pilgrimage place for Sikhs. Naulakha temple and various historical buildings of British rule are places of interest.

In fact Danapur constitutes the western frontier of Patna, which can be expanded according to the need of population.