Gardanibagh is an area in Patna surrounded by Khagaul Road, Jakkanpur, New Jakkanpur, Chandravanshi Nagar, Yarpur and Sadhnapuri. Chitkohra is another area which we have included with Gardanibagh on our website. Gardanibagh Flyover connects this locality to central Patna. It is 2 kms from Patna airport and one and half kilometers from Patna Station.


Gardanibagh in part is much planned colony and in other parts much unplanned. There are a number of Government High schools in Gardanibagh viz.Patna High School, Gardanibagh Girl’s High School etc. A water body known as Kachchi Talab too is situated in Gardanibagh. It urgently requires re-development. Gardanibagh has a hospital with the same name and an open play field known as GSC ground. Chitkohra has a mosque and road number 21 has a church in Gardanibagh.


The good news for Gardanibagh is that the building construction department (BCD) of the state government has an ambitious plan to develop Gardanibagh area into an ultra-modern urban centre to enable the state capital to absorb pressures of urbanization. There is proposal to develop a new township on 290 acres of government land which will provide modern housing facilities to Class III and Class IV state government employees. The challenge is that a sizeable chunk of the government land has been illegally encroached by the local residents. The issue was discussed at a high-level meeting held in May this year(2013) and a consensus was reached to develop a new ultra-modern urban centre on the government land under public-private partnership. Efforts are on to get the plan okayed by the state cabinet. According to sources in the department, the plan has been approved by the Yojana Pradhikrit Samiti, the industries department, internal financial advisor and the BCD minister. The proposal has already been sent to the cabinet secretariat for its approval by the cabinet. The execution though may take years!!!