land for sale in Patliputra

6.5 katthas land for sale in Patliputra coloby, Patna . 

Prime residential plot on wide road and facing Park.

50 feets frontage .

It is one of highest rated residential colony of Patna and the plot is in next lane to main Patliputra road.

Offer Price:- Rs.85 lakhs per kattha.



If you are searching for residential plot in Patliputra Colony, you are looking not only to buy land in Patna but also state your status. Patliputra is the address of richie-richs of Patna.

At the same time Patliputra Colony in Patna is one of the stories which reflect the Tale of Neglect. An erstwhile planned and posh colony of Patna is just a story of past. It has all the assets to still make it a story of glory as far as living is concerned, but no one is bothered. Depleted roads, neglected and abandoned parks, no street lighting, and the large playing field of the colony is being dished out for fairs regularly. Another nightmare is water logging during the rainy seasons in Patliputra colony.


No doubt Patliputra colony is still the residence of the elite in Patna. 


Once upon a time Patliputra colony was a complete residential colony with Loyola and Notre Dame schools on its periphery. The historical Sadakat ashram too shares its boundary with this colony. Now, the colony has turned into a mix of residential and commercial hub. A number of schools, clinics, nursing homes and guest houses flock Patliputra Colony.


The Patliputra Industrial Area is spread adjacent to Patliputra colony. The first Mall of Patna, P & M Mall, is in this area, adjacent to Patliputra colony.  It too has added to the commercial activities in this residential colony.


Even after so much of degradation it still holds respect in the eyes of Patnaites and still is an address of pride for its residence. 

An adjacent area to Patliputra Colony has come up with a similar name of NEW PATLIPUTRA COLONY. On our website,, we club both these colonies together. New Patliputra is an unplanned, unorganized colony as compared to Patliputra Colony. New Patliputra is a typical small colony of Patna reflecting the will of residents and consisiting of by-lanes, houses and apartments spread all over. There is nothing comparable between these two colonies.