BUY LAND IN Sri Krishna Nagar, PATNA

Sri Krishna Nagar is a residential colony of central Patna. The colony is located next to bailey road near income tax golambar. Kidwaipuri, Nageshwar colony, Buddha Colony and a part of Mandiri and Chakaram surrounds Sri Krishna Nagar. Sri Krishna Nagar is 2 kms away from Patna railway junction and about 3.5 kms away from Patna airport.


Sri Krishna Nagar is a planned residential colony of Patna. It has broad roads and relatively broader by lanes. The main road of Sri Krishna Nagar colony is the one leading from income tax golambar to the end of the colony; at Junction of Buddha colony and Mandiri. This road is gradually turning into a commercial hub. A large number of corporate offices and banks have come up on this road. 

St.Paul’s Academy is a famous school situated in Sri Krishna Nagar. The reason of offices coming up in Sri Krishna Nagar is its access to the center of Patna around Maurya Lok complex which is 0.5 kms away. A number of apartments too have got erected on the periphery of the colony.


Being a planned Colony, Sri Krishna Nagar has parks and open spaces. In fact the central park of Sri Krishna Nagar is a large one and paradise for health conscious residents and children. The colony is cleaner and greener. Though it lacks street lighting and efficient waste management, still it is a much better place to live in Patna. More maintenance would render the colony a much better place to reside.