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Begampur is the locality opposite the Patna Sahib Railway station. It also touches the By Pass or the Fathua Road. Mahadeo Asthan Chowk on By Pass is one of the ways to enter Begampur and the other is from beside S L Mishra petrol pump.  Ranipur and Karmali chowk are adjacent areas of Begampur.


Begampur is an old area of Patna and is a part of Patna City. It is a crowded locality of old buildings and by lanes Raghunath High School and Gautam Budh School is located in Begampur. Along the By Pass side a lot of hotels and Dhabas have come up in Begampur.


Devi Asthan, AamBaua and Jalaa Hanuman Mandir are the temples in Begampur. The locality has number of water bodies which are called Talabs locally.

To get a commercial property in Begampur one needs plenty of hyper-local contacts. First rarely a commercial property for sale comes in Begampur and if it does it exchanges hands within the residents of this area only.