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Gulzarbagh is the area around Gulzarbagh railway station extending till Paschim Darwaja Road, Mehndiganj Road and Nawab Bhadur Road on eastern side and Shershah Road on Northern side. Maharani colony and Deepnagar colony are on southern side which we have included within Gulzarbagh on our property portal .


Gulzarbagh is an old area of Patna. It is very densely populated and crowded. There is no demarcation between residential and commercial areas. On the side of every road, broad or narrow, we can see commercial establishment ranging from offices, retail outlets, mom and pop shops and even bank branches and ATMs. In fact, Gulzarbagh leads to Patna City. Gulzarbagh has several water bodies called Talabs. They really need re-development as they are dying under encroachment and non maintenance.

Gulzarbagh from commercial point of view is a traditional set up. Shops and shop sized offices. Generations old business carried out still in the same way as fifty years ago. To unlock the value of assets REDEVELOPMENT is the only way.