Kidwaipuri is centrally located residential colony of Patna. It is 2.5 kms away from Patna railway station and about 3.5 kms away from Patna airport. Kidwaipuri popularly is also known as P&T colony. It has quarters of postal and telegraph department.


Kidwaipuri is adjacent to Nageshwar colony and we include Nageshwar colony within Kidwaipuri on our website . Sri Krishna Nagar, Buddha colony and Patna Women’s College mark other boundaries of Kidwaipuri.


Kidwaipuri is well planned small colony with the apartments and commercial centers located in Nageshwar colony due its proximity to Boring Road and Boring Canal Road. Nageshwar colony has a large number of residential and commercial apartments. The rentals in these colonies are on higher side. Proximity to Patna Women’s college,Patna high court, and Bailey Road and Boring road is the USP of this residential colony.