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     In-depth research and search for property in Patna is must because home buying is once in lifetime decision for most of us. Investors looking for growth need to carry the due diligence for better returns in Patna realty market. These articles will help both buyers and investors in Patna real estate market. Insightful reading..............                                                                                                                                          

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Article 63, published on  22/08/2017



To regulate the property market the government of India brought in Prohibition of Benami Transactions Act (2016) on 1st November 2016. The first family of Bihar is already feeling the HEAT of this act recently. It will soon affect many more in Patna if implemented and executed timely. Therefore Biharis are eager to know the details of this ACT. The Act is a step towards eradicating “Benaamdaars” from Property market and making it 

more professional, transparent and organized.READ MORE.........

Article 62, published on  28/07/2017



The results tell it clearly that there is NO BRAND in real estate Patna. 73% of Patnaites could not recall any real estate brand. The highest that any Company got was 0.014% (yes 14 people out of 1000 named this company or 

rather the project). The company (better say the project name is JALALPUR CITY. That’s it.  READ MORE

                                                                 Article 61, published on  02/02/2017

Lower Home loan rates in Patna

Since January 2015, the central bank has reduced its policy rate by 150 basis points. Banks have reduced their lending rates by about a per cent point or even more. 

 India´s central bank´s monetary policy stance will remain “accommodative”, raising the 

prospect of more cuts in 2017.  READ MORE

Article 60, published on  06/12/2016

In the current real estate scenario in Patna, it is necessary to check if the property is legally clear before booking it, even if it is a branded (though Patna real estate does not have a established Brand as such) project or even from a pretty well known builder to you in Patna. One should inspect the legal documents and construction approvals related to the project through legal consultants if affordable. READ MORE

Article 59, published on  10/10/2016

Bihta Four Lane

Without Doubt development in Bihta is about to get a fillip with one of the most commonly used routes between Patna and the satellite township of Bihta which harbors IIT PATNA being upgraded to a four-lane road. The road construction department will soon begin to prepare the feasibility study and the detailed project report to develop the 11.7km Khagaul- Shivala-Bihta road, as being declared recently. The construction work 

will start by 2017, hopefully. READ MORE

Article 58, published on  09/09/2016

While planning to take a home loan in Patna, it is imperative to be aware of the documents that are required for the application. Here’s a look at the basic paperwork that applicants need to prepare while planning to take a home loan in Patna, it is imperative to be aware of the documents that are required for the application. Here’s a look at the basic paperwork that applicants need to prepare for. READ MORE....

Article 57, published on  16/08/2016

Patna is a curious case of too much and too less URBAN planning.


According to the 2011 census, a little over 11% of the state population resides in urban areas; this is expected to grow to double by 2030. The increase in pressure on urban infrastructure will mean a corresponding growth in the consequences of these urban governance shortfalls. If Patna is to exploit this in its favour and grow, it must address its many, often contradictory problems where the state abandons its necessary roles and has a presence in areas that would be better served by its absence. “The state is absent where it is needed and present where it need not be” brings 

in the most anarchy in the urbanization process of Patna and other cities/towns of Bihar. READ MORE


 Article 56, published on  08/07/2016

Buying a home early in life helps home buyers in Patna. There are lots of arguments for and against buying a home early in life, but the rationale for doing so is, in fact, the strongest and most convincing. 

Article 55, published on  11/01/2016

The Patna real estate sector has been facing strong headwinds over the past couple of years on numerous counts.  The clear air on bye-laws and master plan still elude the Patna realty market. Customers are adopting a wait and watch approach hoping for prices to come down.  While prices have corrected somewhat in most localities across Patna, the combined effect of cost increase and reduced prices along with the increased finance cost on account of the slow sales has left developers in Patna with no head room to lower prices any 

further.READ MORE

                                                                          Article 54, published on  03/12/2015

When real estate investments go wrong in Patna

Article 53, published on  21/11/2015
Article 52, published on  16/11/2015


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