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Bihta the growing Real estate Market in Patna

IIT Patna, Apollo, Beer factories, townships and many other institutional acquisitions have given a new meaning to real estate in Bihta. About 30 kms from the center of Patna this town shows all the potential to be the satellite township which Patna seeks for its expansion in the future. In the last five years the real estate prices in Bihta have sky rocketed. In fact in the last two years the growth has peaked. Right now is the consolidation phase, with the new chapter awaiting a year or two away. A new government in Bihar in 2015 with a focus on economic growth and urbanization can be rewarding for Bihta property markets’ second round of growth. It too will be fuelled by completion of the projects in this area which started in the first round around five years ago e.g. Hero cycles starting production this year in its Bihta plant.

The completion of BIHTA SHIMARA four lanes will add to the real estate development in Bihta. And if the new government allows the DUMRI airport and broadens the road connecting Danapur railway station to Bihta via Shiwala, Neora and Painal, Bihta has the potential to become what Gurgaon is to Delhi. The western frontier of Patna is poised for unparallel real estate activities with the completion of the DIGHA SONEPUR RAIL CUM ROAD Bridge. Danapur including Digha, Khagaul, Shiwala, Bihta and even areas adjoining AIIMS in Phulwarisharif will reap the real multiplication in real estate development as an after effect of DIGHA SONEPUR RAIL CUM ROAD Bridge. The importance of this bridge for real estate Patna will be more visible when the construction of 11.90km semi-elevated/elevated road from AIIMS-Patna (on NH-98) to Digha (along the Ganga driveway) would be completed. The Ganga driveway is being constructed on the northern side of Patna that would connect Digha-Sonepur rail-cum-road Bridge. It would open up the Patna property market for the people of Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Chhapra, Siwan, and other districts of north Bihar.

If you have about Rs. 10 lakhs to invest for next 15- 20 years, Bihta property market is a compulsion for your real estate portfolio. The areas like LAI ROAD, a stretch of almost 8 kms is the destination one can consider for a decadal investment in Land. Secondly, to grow your portfolio it is better to deal with the farmer directly rather than purchasing a plot in Bihta from developers at a premium. Land in Bihta is available and in all segment, all that is required is an in-depth search and research. The rewards can be manifolds by investing in land in Bihta. They can indeed prove multi baggers of one’s portfolio. The plots in Bihta can plot a rewarding investment benefit for the investors in real estate Patna. With a few schools opening in Bihta and the planned hospitals becoming operational the real estate of Bihta attract a lot of investors from Ara and Buxar too.

The area around IIT Patna is the epicenter of the major activities sale-purchase in land in Bihta. The prices of land in Bihta around this area are affordable and more importantly the future holds in these investment. A lot of developers are working aggressively on Lai Road. But still, good investment opportunities are in abundance for retail investors in land in Bihta. To reap in the benefits the horizon needs to be of a decade. In a decade with a bit of support from infrastructural development of Patna district the returns could even be beyond the rule books.

The other requirement that an investor require to invest in land in Bihta is a local real estate consultant who is transparent and trustworthy. The consultant need to be interested in his service charges only and need not play a mark- up game as majority of local Bihta brokers do. The mark-up increases the price of land in Bihta manifold and is the manifestation of the greed of the local real estate agents of Bihta. One even needs to be cautious about the details and should run number of verifications before taking the final call.

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