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If you have money you can park for 10 years; or; if you have enough Dinars in gulf and you belong to Bihar; Invest in small plots in Phulwarisharif priced between 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per kattha. Buy Plots of sizes between 1 kattha and 3 katthas in Phulwarisharif; Patna.  The price is proportional to the radial distance from the AIIMS campus in Phulwarisharif

M.S.Colony situated 2 kms from AIIMS Phulwarisharif is priced at 8.5 lakhs per kattha(Negotiable, if you come in flock) and Royal Heritage by IPUS builders and developers about 10 kms from AIIMS is priced at 4 lakhs per kattha. This is the range of the area (8 kms radially) we are talking about and the price range (4 lakhs) for your long term asset class called LAND. Remember if you come in a group; 4 and more; you can negotiate always a better deal from the developers in Phulwarisharif, Patna

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The plots in Phulwarisharif come with 20 feet wide road in front, the colonizer provides for community center, even a mosque in most of the cases and green area like parks or fields. These are the basics that you can take for granted with your land. Additionally you can get much more but at a price!!!!

The hotspot is area between AIIMS and the four lanes bypass viz BIHTA SERMERA HIGHWAY. Both the sides of four lane bypass are favored. The extensions have reached to Naubatpur though. The proposed AIIMS-DIGHA elevated four lanes are also adding spice to this investment in land in Phulwarisharif Patna. If all these proposed roads are functional in next 10 years even; the time horizon of our investment; the prices would multiply four times (4 lakhs will become 16 lakhs at least). The chances of the upside remain very, very high even above four times what we are talking about.

The price bubble of Patna Real Estate has almost flattened in the last two years, especially in case of plots in Patna. The Bubble will flatten in case of flats and condos only once the Nagar Nigam and Court settles the matter of building bye laws and defaulters. It is a ripe time to invest in land in Patna and no doubt Phulwarisharif is one such hot investment destination in Patna.

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