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The New Age Real Estate Agents in Patna; A Paradigm Shift. (31/08/2013)

Real estate brokers or realtors have come of age and have earned the trust and faith of many home buyers and customers in Patna

Ask anybody in Patna and they used to say, "the real estate agent in Patna is the last guy you can trust down the road". That was probably in the '80's and 90’s in Patna. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, particularly in the last decade. In the year 2013, the slogan now is "it is time to trust the real estate agent". The change has been tremendous. 

Firstly, the opening up of the economy and inflow of international companies into the Indian business arena has brought about a major demand turnaround. The last decade and a half has witnessed several international companies setting shop on the Indian soil. Obviously, all these corporate need service of international quality and global standards to meet their real estate requirements. Therefore, the demand for modern brokers of quality who can meet business practices across India and other continents arose. 

Secondly, the IT boom brought about a revolution in the way business is conducted. Internal business processes could be completely modernized to suit ease of working. 

Thirdly, the volumes of transactions and consumer preference and choice demanded that systems be developed so that the customer can search, view and select from the comfort of his home. Decision making had to be made more comprehensive and simple. 

Fourthly, the relaxations and incentives for investments by the NRI and PIO market led to the emergence of a new demand where it was not practically possible for international clientele to physically travel and see the properties before making the decision to purchase. This was where IT solutions came to the rescue of the real estate agents in Patna and all over the country.

Last but not the least, there were quite a few international property consultants who made inroads into the highly disorganized brokerage industry in the country and started providing high quality services, backed by mandates' of course. This made the local broker look up and perceive competition from corporate brokers. And remember real estate is predominantly local, therefore if local real estate agents in Patna adopt international service standards, it will be a great service to Patna real estate industry which is in a nascent stage and gathering energy to break the threshold.

All these factors led to domestic property brokers in Patna getting up and wearing their thinking caps. They desperately needed to get their act together. They started out on a series of measures. Real estate agents in Patna have started sprucing up their offices. Websites on real estates and property in Patna dealing with only Patna property has popped up. Listing of properties on the net became a common thing. Increasingly, e-marketing started making inroads. Brokers started streamlining internal processes. The language and attire of the broker started changing. Brokers started attending classes, taking courses ranging from personality development to principles and practices of global real estate business. Along with all this, many MBAs, engineers, advocates, retired service personnel, chartered accountants and other such professionals started entering this real estate brokerage market in Patna. Well-educated women have also chosen to make this their career option. The image of the real estate brokerage industry in Patna, slowly but surely, started getting transformed. The makeover is for real. The new age broker is born in Patna.

While most corporate entities could avail the services of the international property consultants for whom clients were not really a problem as they came from international referrals, the individual customers had nothing better than the local untrained broker to deal with. This demand for quality service is now getting filled up by the new age local real estate agents in Patna, home grown but equipped and skilled to provide global quality standards and customer satisfaction.

The new age real estate agent in Patna is now here for the discerning customer; he can hand hold, guide, advise and take the customer through the entire process of making a property purchase decision in a transparent, thorough and clean manner. The customer does not really mind paying a fee for good quality service and assurance. The property transaction experience thus becomes an enjoyable one in Patna.

As the real estate brokerage business in Patna comes of age, more and more individuals are taking to the business of property brokerage in Patna seriously as a career option. So long as the new age brokers in Patna adhere to the good old principles of honesty, sincerity, transparency, clean dealings, due diligence and a 'customer first' attitude, there is a lot of money to be made in this business in Patna

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