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Open or covered car parking spaces in Patna Residential Complexes.    (05/07/2013)



You have found the flat/ apartment of your dreams in a project under construction in Patna. Everything looks just the way it should be. You also want to finalize on the car parking space that comes with the flat in Patna. Here are a few critical points to keep in mind:

1) Always go for a covered car parking space. We understand that you may have stretched your budget quite a bit to buy that flat in Patna of your choice but once you move in, you will realize that a covered car parking space is the best decision you have made.

2) Insist on the allotment of your car parking space at the time of booking/ allotment of your flat. Do not go for the "we will do it on possession/ we will do a lottery among the buyers" talk that the developer gives you. Car parks should be allotted on a first come first served basis. Insist on getting your car parking number, duly marked on a drawing from the developer in Patna.

3) Choose a car parking space below the block where your flat is situated. If you are buying your flat in a project where you are one of the last few buyers, this could be difficult but tell the developer in Patna that the allotment of a preferential car parking space is critical to your decision of purchase.

4) Remember, car parking spaces look good on paper, but once the construction is complete, you may land up with a car park smaller than the others which may be inadequate for your large sized sedan. We have seen this happen many times in Patna. Get a commitment on the area of the parking space which is standard for the project or according to the local building rules. You may get words like 'One covered car parking space for a small/ medium sized vehicle' in the sale agreement. Ask for the car parking area in black and white.

5) Get a knowledgeable friend to inspect the car parking drawing and the particular spot that you are being offered. Inspect the driveway leading in and out of it. Double check for a situation where another car park may be blocking the free ingress/ egress of your vehicle. (You can't really be knocking on your neighbor’s door early morning just in case you need to drive your car out/ or in a midnight emergency)

6) If you are unsure, consult an architect who can look at the dimensions between the stilts and tell you how easy it will be to get your car in/ out of your designated space.

This is a critical tip for ensuring peace of mind when the project is ready and you are moving in. Your car parking space also affects your resale value in the future inPatna. Keep that in mind as well. We have seen people land up with covered car parking spaces which are fit for nothing bigger that an A segment hatchback! While they have paid as much as the dude who is backing up his SUV with ease into his spot. Be demanding when it comes to your car parking space in Patna. 




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