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Will Real Estate buyers be back again after elections in Patna


The increase in number of unique visitors on our site is thousand percent if we compare the last and this festive season. A point to be kept in mind before analyzing this data is; is more established now and hence more visitors. Analytics show us that while the political parties were campaigning the home buyers in Patna too were contemplating to take action after elections. Therefore we went ahead and did a survey with our visitors. The good news for Patna real estate is that the home buyers only wanted a stable government to fructify there plan of home buying after elections in Bihar. It seems that a stable government is a more probable outcome and hence bright hopes for Patna real estate.


Will ‘Sales’, soar high through the rooftop after elections is what all our builder friends are asking us. We are replying that it will definitely start picking up and 2016 will usher good times for Patna real estate. The picture will be crystal clear after the definite results are out of elections in Bihar. The belief is strong that the time of the idea called “BIHAR” has come and now there is no stopping. The lakshya is to get back the lost glory of BIHAR in the world.

 We believe that with positive developments in the overall scenario the demand will increase in coming times in Patna property market. The steady rise in the number of queries on our site and in our office is signaling better times for Patna realty market.

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