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Real Estate Companies in Patna to make great offers This Puja Season for home buyers.(21/09/2013)

Durga Puja Pandaals have started coming up in different localities in Patna. The Pitri Paksh (the time when Biharis do not engage in Real estate Buying) is going to end soon. The Puja to Diwali time is the cyclic high for real estate industry in Patna as far as purchase of houses are concerned.


With RBI governor hiking the repo rates in his September monetary policy announcement, the home loan rates will rise subsequently. With no clear mandate coming on Patna Master Plan till now and the prohibition sort of thing on the passing of Maps in Patna for construction of new houses in Patna and certain changes of construction bye laws the real estate industry is already in quandary in Patna. The real estate industry is confused and the home buyer in Patna too is perplexed.


The real estate industry in Patna therefore have to innovate new ways to charm property buyers and investors this festival season. Will Patna real estate industry try to attract NRIs with falling Rupee? It is a tall ask!!! Unfortunately even leading real estate companies in Patna are not capable of International marketing online or offline. They never thought it could be a large market. The real estate companies in Patna are just followers of national players when it comes to marketing with a backlog of 3-5 years. An example to support the contention is; reining Chris Gayle as brand ambassador by one of the real estate companies in Patna. The management of these real estate companies in Patna needs to revise their budget and marketing strategies seriously!!!!!


Navratara is the most auspicious time to start anything new or buying anything new in Bihar. The real estate companies in Patna will have to cut their margins and offer COMPLETE HOME PACKAGES this festival season. The complete HOME PACKAGE would include a Car, an ornament of gold for the Laxmi (lady) of the house, complete interiors, accessories like LCD, air conditioners, modular kitchens, false ceiling and floorings, more parking and green spaces and more and more; to make the buyer just walk in to the readymade flats when they move in with just bags having their clothes. This festival seasons therefore the real estate companies in Patna need to offer HOMES rather than houses to buyers and investors in Patna.


Its time for real estate companies in Patna to adopt frugal marketing strategies through innovation and not copy obsolete old marketing techniques. For example, the elderly in Patna could be lured by giving exchange offers like “get a New Flat for your Old Flat in Patna”. Yes its time to put the thinking cap on for the real estate companies in Patna.

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