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Real estate industry contributes up to 6% to India’s GDP. Additionally it uplifts the demand in other ancillary industries like steel, cement, etc. When it comes to marketing real estate or in that way any product; the cliché that the product that sells more is the one that is seen more, still holds true even in the internet era.

Unfortunately Developers in Patna and promoters in Patna have not taken a wide-cum-creative turn in making themselves visible to the mass, and use the tool ‘Digital media’. To be more specific, Social media is ‘the’ tool. The real estate players in Patna have not adapted to this mantra effectively and have not entered the social media to become prominent in Patna and to touch Biharis outside Bihar. Bihar has a large migrant population within our country and outside India too.

Why social media? Who knows it better than the present Prime minister of our country? He can serve as the number one witness about the advantages of digital marketing.

The entire universe is active on social media and potential home buyers in Patna seek ways to connect and interact with the developers in Patna and builders in Patna. Active participation by the developers inPatnain answering to the queries raised by the home buyer and constant interaction with the users makes communication channels open. The significant need is to build quality relationship with buyers by engaging and interacting and eventually gaining their trust in the BRAND.

From setting up You Tube channel; to hiring social media marketing firms in order to showcase walkthroughs of the upcoming residential projects by the builders in Patna and to reach the target audience through effective marketing by the internet, real estate players in Patna need to constantly work out the jigsaw to strengthen sales. They are not doing so yet. Builders in Patna, need to invest in internet marketing; sooner the better.

Recent study by Google India, says that the internet usage influences consumer behavior. At least 7 out of 10 buyers knows about the exact brand and model on which they plan to invest through online research. Tata Housing witnessed over 10 bookings in the first few hours of going live on You Tube and Facebook and Godrej Properties has recorded that 20 per cent of their sales comes from online pay. Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Flickr are commonly used by the leading developers inIndiafor both B2B and B2C interactions. Tata Housing recently found success in the three-day ‘Great Online Shopping festival’ where Google joined hands with the developer to offer houses to prospective buyers and encouraged them to book their new flat, by the company, online. Similarly, Tata Value Homes (TVHL) received almost 200 online applications within ‘just’ three hours on the occasion of National Home Buying Day.  All these can be replicated by the builders in Patna too; all that is required is the will and a belief in the internet usage today and in the future.

Maintaining transparency between the buyer and the developer is the secret behind every online campaign. This is easily achieved through social networking. Today, developers all around but for Builders in Patna use digital media to build communities of like-minded individuals to convey transparency through • Brand news • Videos of the progression and • Project updates.

Digital media costs just one tenth of the conventional print and OOH (Out of Home) media platforms and still brings 40 to 45 per cent conversions. And, digital platform will stay focused on the target audience whereas the conventional media may fail in achieving it. This is also one of the major reasons for developers to choose digital platform. It is time that the developers in Patna and promoters in Patna realize the significance of social media and become optimistic about the future role of it in their vital growth. Developers in Patna will be glad to form their own communities of customers, fans or even prospects online. An innovative growth channel awaits builders in Patna; are there any takers.

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