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Untangling the Parking Knot in Malls in Patna    (23/06/2015)


Some under-performing malls in Patna definitely give rise to concern. There is already instances where mall developers in Patna have scrapped the entire blueprint and business model and converted their malls into office spaces in Patna at very prime location in Patna. Some of the challenges that the developers of these malls in Patna have not been able to address are providing for adequate parking and scientific people movement within the malls, coming up with a dynamic plan for upgrading facilities, attracting a suitable tenant mix and proper positioning.


There are basic parameters that mall developers in Patna must keep in mind at the very conception and design stage of their malls in Patna. Location is, of course, a vital ingredient for the success of any mall in Patna. Buy location is not all in all; there is a great example of a Mall right on one the most prime locations of Patna not faring well or say almost failing. Approach and accessibility, especially in terms of proximity to the key centres and ingress and egress of the mall, are equally important. The mall must have adequate facilities and provide retailers with good accessibility to their stores, space for storage and staff utilities. Very importantly, it must get the parking equation right. 

A mall in Patna that does not provide sufficient and properly planned parking in Patna is headed for disaster. We already have examples in our city. In Patna, the issue of parking is a challenge to both mall owners and customers. Creating parking facilities, when the cost of land in Patna is so high; is a very capital-intensive decision for a mall developer in Patna. This is especially true if such measures are attempted to be enhanced in retrospect. As a general guideline, developer in Patna must provide parking while keeping the size of the mall in mind. The decision on how much is needed and how much is sufficient is a critical one. Rotation of parking slots is another important function, as malls in Patna experience more footfalls on weekends, during which customers spend more time in malls. Parking must not become an issue in high traffic periods. If a mall cannot provide enough conventional parking, it must have innovative parking facilities such as multi-level and/or automated parking systems. Since convenience is of prime importance in a mall, the access and exits to car parking is yet another factor besides the parking area itself.   

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