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Valuation of residential plots in Patna is estimated by…..(15/07/2015)


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In the current scenario of investing in apartments and villas which is popular among prospective buyers in Patna, there is a set of investors in Patna who opt for plotted investments in and around Patna for the best capital returns that it offers. Plotted investments in Patna have always been a long term investment plan for each property investor in Patna. Likewise, those who invest in a residential plot in Patna will have futuristic thought of building their own dream home in later stage of life.


In case of buying an apartment, several factors such as credibility of the builder, amenities, floor area and many more factors play a major role before pricing the respective residential unit in Patna!!


A plot bought in a growing neighborhood in Patna or in an upcoming market in Patna attracts all sectors such as commercial, residential as well as hospitality. Any infrastructural development that happens in the locality or the suburb will automatically increase the plot prices in that area in Patna. In Bihta, the property prices have risen ever since the plan for a IIT was announced.


 As we are heading towards a developing society, there are much more to come up. However, it is important to know and understand the factors that have an impact in prices of plots before investing in them in and around Patna. Here are the major factors that determine the plot price in Patna.




Location is the most important and primary consideration to make while pricing the plotted land property in Patna. Not only does villas and apartments depend upon location, but also the plots. In a popular locality or area where high growth is estimated, the price of the plots will be higher when compared to those in the emerging neighborhood.


Civic Structure


The basic civic amenities such as water supply, drainage system, sanitation, electricity supply, mobile coverage and street lights and also the developments of these amenities make a plotted investment more appealing than those plots which lack these amenities.



Connectivity is the other major determinant of the plot price. It doesn’t just include the presence of highways and roads, but also how well it is connected to other parts of the city through road.


Soil Type Check for the groundwater level and soil type before finalizing upon the land deal.

A plot can be tagged as ‘geologically unstable’, if it is rocky or not suitable for deep digging. The main reason behind this is the non-ability of the land to support any structure. There will be negative effect upon pricing, if there is no sufficient ground water present.


 Therefore, visit the plot site in Patna and understand the pricing strategy of the property in Patna by keeping these factors in mind before investing in plots in Patna