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 Limitations of Urban Services in Patna in 2013- Water Supply                                (14/04/13)

The high surface water potential of River Ganga is unutilized in Patna leading to over exploitation of ground water in most of the Patna’s residential and commercial areas. The utilization of ground water does not require high capital investment nor recurring costs towards treatment, operation and maintenance. The BRJP (Bihar Rajya Jal Parishad) and PWB (Patna water board) needs to make a joint effort towards conjunctive use of surface and ground water sources in order to reduce pressure on the ground water sources in Patna.


The main problem with the existing system is non-uniform supply in different area and contamination due to various leakages. The underground flow water loss is above 40% due to poor and old supply network. The pipes are not easily accessed due to heavy traffic. Thus, poor maintenance leads to a loss of carrying capacity, contamination of water, repair and maintenance problems. In many colonies in Patna the drinking water and sewerage pipelines intercede each other, with sewer line on top of water line increasing the possibility of contamination.


Coordination between agencies responsible for the production, supply and distribution of water in Patna is weak. The line departments have significant experience in the operation and maintenance of the service delivery systems. Nevertheless, strengthening of the planning, design, and O & M capabilities of the organizations would have to be undertaken. Unviable tariff and inadequate cost recoveries are two critical problems that result in poor performance of water operations in Patna. Under the Acts, urban bodies are empowered to levy a water tax as well as water charge, which are generally implemented but are not revised to meet the costs of delivery. Water supply metering is almost non-existent in Patna.