Punaichak is a centrally located residential colony in Patna. The adjoining areas to Punaichak are Rajbanshi Nagar, BSEB colony, Shivpuri, Mohanpur pump house and Bailey road. It is 2kms away from Patna airport and about 4 kms away from Patna railway station.


Punaichak as many other localities of Patna is densely populated and is congested. It is marked by number of narrow lanes and only one-two broader roads. Along with residential houses one can find a number of apartments in Punaichak. The area adjacent to Bailey road has developed commercial values.


The officer’s flat of the state government lies in Punaichak. This part looks planned. The conditions of the houses in officer’s flat are depleted and ask for maintenance. At best this area too speaks about decaying infrastructure of an old government colony. Apart from this area Punaichak is devoid of open spaces like playing fields and parks.


The subzi Mandi of Punaichak is a famous one and the evenings are busy around it. It also causes congestion. There are a number of small schools in this area with no fields. Commercially Punaichak has few bank branches and mainly retail kirana and drug stores. The office of CPWD too lies in Punaichak.