Rajbanshi Nagar is a centrally located residential colony of Patna. Rajbanshi Nagar is almost 3 kms from Patna railway station and 2 kms from Patna airport. Rajbanshi Nagar is surrounded by Bailey Road, BSEB colony, Shastri Nagar, Punaichak and Shivpuri. We have clubbed Shastri Nagar and Rajbanshi Nagar together as an area on our website.


Rajbanshi Nagar, from the bailey road side, can be entered at the famous Panch Roopi Hanuman Mandir. It is a planned colony relatively. It has a wonderful well maintained park. In general Rajbanshi Nagar has broad roads which intersect on right angles, a rarity in colonies of Patna. Secondly, Rajbanshi Nagar has a large public hospital called as Rajbanshi nagar Hospital. This hospital is getting modernized and will be of great help for the residents of this colony and the nearby areas. There is a famous fish market in Rajbanshi Nagar. The markets in this colony are marked as No.1 and No.2 market. They mainly consist of retail shops and cater to the daily needs of the residents.


Bihar state building Construction Corporation and PWD has their respective offices in this area.Rajbanshi Nagar has a government middle school too which is adjacent to Naveen Park in Rajbanshi Nagar.


Shastri Nagar is another residential colony adjacent to Rajbanshi nagar and surrounded by bailey road, IGIMS, Sheikpura, BSEB colony and Patel Nagar. It is a mix of apartments and houses. The apartments lie mostly on the side of Bailey road. Shastri Nagar too boasts of a Park and Government Boys high School. A temple known as Mansa Mandir is located in Shastri Nagar. National Seeds Corporation’s office is located in Shastri Nagar. Small retail shops mark the commercial space in this locality.