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Rajendra Nagar is a prime residential colony of Patna. It is spread between Kumhrar road and Nala road from Dinkar golambar and Ramakrishna Avenue to Saidpur road. The colony boasts of its own railway station called Rajendra Nagar Terminal.


Rajendra Nagar is a planned colony divided by numbered roads. It has several open spaces like Parks and play fields. Rajendra Nagar also hosts the only stadium of Patna; Mohin-ul-Haque Stadium. Residents have all kinds of facilities in this colony. Well developed drainage system, local markets where everything is easily available, medical facilities, 24x7 availability of doctors. In fact it has a large number of clinics. 


The area of Saidpur; famous Saidpur hostel; lies behind the stadium and we include it in Rajendra Nagar only.


In Rajendra Nagar one can find all sort of commercial establishments. Bank Branches, Hospitals, Hotels, restaurants, retail branded outlets etc. It is connected to Kankarbagh by Rajendra nagar over bridge. It has an Ayurvedic college too.Raja Ram Mohan Secondary school and a number of other schools are present in Rajendra Nagar. Mc dowell Golambar is another landmark of this locality.