www.buysellrentpatna.in is Patna’s own online digital real estate platform. One can explore all types of property, research, trends, recent developments and investment opportunity in Patna on our hyper-local real estate website. We not only verify each listing that one sees on our website but also carry a due diligence of the property. It helps buyers and sellers in Patna to experience hassle free transaction, from choosing to registration of their  property in Patna. “Forever new horizons” is the mantra we live by at www.buysellrentpatna.in and we combine virtual with real; the internet and the ground realities; being local and a part apart of Patna.




As Patna makes its way to become one of the fastest growing cities, www.buysellrentpatna.in, conceptualized by level headed simple innovators and believers, is spearheading the change the way the real estate industry in Patna will be experienced in the future. We desire to help Patna  live better. We are on a journey to keep it simple. We are here in Patna to get to the root of every challenge, find a solution and deliver to PATNAITES a world of real estate in Patna that makes them DREAM FURTHER............




Our journey has begun with an idea and with the strategy to develop new line of services in real estate with new technologies in Patna real estate market. We will march towards making a knowledge corporation which also will manifest itself as centre-less corporation. Our team believes that a good strategy equals a good idea equally supported by good analysis with roots in Value based management for stakeholders. www.buysellrentpatna.in aspires to be a value generator. 




Our team realizes the value of knowledge in this information age. At the same time we realize that the knowledge must produce services; the services must result in sales and the sales must give rise to profits. To achieve these goals and work for it we follow a process named “PIED” by us. “P” in the PIED stands for planning; “I” stands for ideas while planning; “E” symbolizes execution of these ideas and plans and “D” is the resultant destination.




www.buysellrentpatna.in is assertive, ambitious and energetic. We need to keep our eye consistently on the end goals. For us timing is everything. It's safe to say that we have a healthy work life balance. While we have great potential to become a leader, a pioneering innovator, a successful entrepreneur, what we're really best at is, being ourselves!  We are charming and gentle. Active, Demanding, Determined, Effective & Ambitious. We pride ourselves to be known as RAFAC of Patna real estate market; where R stands for researcher, A stands for aggregator, F for facilitator, A for advertisers and C for consultants.



Buyers of Flats in Patna  

At BuySellRentPatna.in,We listen; we learn Flat's buyer requirement of location, price, size, quality, budget and much more. Our team matches Buyers' profile to societies and other habitants and the existing inventories, new projects as well as re-sale. We search and do in-depth research of the options available in Patna property market and carry surgical verifications. We carry all paper work for them; even help them in getting home loans for their dream home. Finally our TEAM  attends the “GRIH PRAVESH PUJA” and wishes the best for our customers

Buyers of Land in Patna 

The team at BuySellRentPatna.in  learns the objective of purchase of land in Patna. Is it a residential requirement or commercial? The customer is an individual or institutional/industrial/corporate. Accordingly the TEAM moves. Verification of all papers and then the neighbourhood due- diligence of the land are carried by our team. We meet the landowner and the family many a times. Once we are satisfied that the land is clean we offer it to buyer; an individual or institution. Further, we carry all paper works relating to purchase. We then have a team which helps even in development of the land, build a home for an individual or help builders develop the land.


Buyers of house in Patna 

The demand for apartments and flats have surged in Patna in recent times BUT there still remains a segment of home buyers in Patna who love “HOUSE”. They love to own the land and the residential unit on it completely. We therefore run the dual research and search for the land as well as the constructed unit. Thorough verification of the land and house is carried out not only by papers but the neighbourhood too. The quality and design of construction plays an important role. We also identify the need for renovation and landscaping. We completely estimate the additional costs involved post purchase to make it a DREAM living destination in Patna for the buyer.


Landowners and Landlords in Patna  

You or your fore-fathers invested time and money on the property for sale now. You are parting away from the “trophy” because you invested to reap the benefits of the risk you took years ago or there is another social-economic need that needs priority. We get you the people who value your property rightly. The transaction is hassle free and you get your payments in time. We care for the neighbourhood as much as you do. Many a time we help you in re-investment too in the same asset class: land in Patna.


Residential Tenants in Patna  

We carry “Renting and Leasing” for tenants in Patna on the principle of “LOWEST & BEST”. We get you the lowest rent and best accommodation according to your requirement in the locality that matches your profile and needs. We will get you a landlord who is friendly and accommodating. We view tenancy from a long term perspective and forge a relationship with you so that when the right time comes we can help you BUY your dream home in Patna if you wish to settle in our city. We know a home is for lifetime and we serve you therefore for lifetime.


Commercial Tenants in Patna

We know the “cost factor” of your business in Patna. Rent is one great part of it. The streamlined revenues of your outlets /offices/ shops/ restaurant/ guesthouses/ clinics / playschools/ coaching classes etc. depend on the location and the consumption capacity of the residents in the locality. Secondly we understand the longevity factor of the space; perseverance pays and therefore it needs to be long term. We understand your business as you do. Therefore we work to get the best places based on our constant and consistent research on Patna real estate for your business. If you are someone starting NEW, we act as your brains till your launch so that you carry on to expand…


Corporate and their Employees in Patna

We manage your “arrogance and ignorance” on the ground. We manage your costs which your own team cares a bit less. We get you rates; which you even did not think of in Patna. All we want you to know is that we understand our city Patna better. All we need is an e-mail of requirements about papers and space. We will get you better locations on our own. Mind it we will enhance your brand in Patna and your employees will have better workplaces. Secondly, we go by rules. Compromise has no place in our dictionary.

Innovation is our DNA. Therefore we ask the HR teams of the corporate to tell the Employees of their organizations that before they join they will have their accommodation  in Patna waiting for them. Yes; there is a HOUSE on click of MOUSE in Patna i.e. www.buysellrentpatna.in . We ensure that the employees of your organization  save time, energy and money and thank the local HR/ ADMIN for this wonderful “FRIENDSHIP- BAND”.


Builders, Developers And Realtors in Patna

We help you find land for your residential OR commercial projects in Patna (http://www.buysellrentpatna.in/patna/land-for-builders-in-patna). We launch your project digitally and carry its digital advertisement for higher ROI. We build a digital brand for your company and project/s. Our website and blogs serve as your advertisement platforms. Our sales team assist you sale the project by listing and other activities. We also help you find tenants if a part of your project is for leasing purpose. We endeavor to bring corporate tie ups at your door steps for purchase as well as leasing. Our research reports (http://www.buysellrentpatna.in/patna/articles-on-patna-real-estate-and-property-) are handy for you to decide the location and type of the project in demand in a particular locality in Patna. We also tell you about the competition and competitive pricing in Patna real estate market. We help you to take decisions based on data/facts. 


Students in Patna

We understand the “love and hate relationships” that the landlords have for you. The rent attracts them but your way of life distracts them. Late nights and irregularities are your ways and we know it. You have friends who come over and at the same time you need access to peace for STUDY. You need good food and hygienic surroundings to reside. We take care of all these to match you with the landlord or PG accommodation of your type. We ensure that you STUDY and live life as a young man/woman in Patna. We even offer “apprentice” program for students in our organization for a “working exposure” as per your interests and future career planning.


Bachelors working in Patna.

You have migrated from being a student to working professional. You are yet to start your own family OR your family stays away. You have special needs; most of the time you are away; and it’s only on weekends that you spent time at your rented residence. You often come late night. Occasionally you Party. Sometimes you cook but more often you eat out. You have friends and occasionally few relatives coming in. You need a landlord or even the sharing partner who understands your way of life and you his/hers. In case of woman folk we take special care. We find an accommodation for you where you can live “YOUR LIFE” & “DREAM FURTHER”.


Other Activities for Patna Property Market

 To fulfill your dreams if you need a loan; we are there to assist you. We also help in architectural and structural design, construction, landscaping of residences and commercial complexes. Our team has interior designers for your dream living room and other areas. We offer property management services for residential and commercial properties in Patna. You can also take help of our team of lawyers and chartered accountants. And; remember we believe in “VAASTU”; and we can help you get a VAASTU compliant “HOME” or “OFFICE”. We publish newsletters and research reports about Patna real estate to keep you updated about the recent developments and activities. In the end we just “LOVE PATNA REAL ESTATE”.




I, “the musketeer” in his 30’s; born to respected middle class Patna home, considers myself fortunate. Therefore,  I was bestowed with best of schooling and higher education. The result was plump job. Naturally the plump jobs were outside my home town Patna. Patna did not offer anything of importance when I got into higher education and jobs. With Patna in heart I worked away from Bihar. After about more than a decade of work and with news that things are turning around in our home town Patna, I decided to come back. I had everything in Patna; Parents, now retired, home and low cost of stress free living. Both of us (MY BETTER HALF); have been soaking in the bliss, called HOME. We have time. We meet our old buddies who visit Patna during their breaks. We missed Patna and now we cherish Patna. "Love you Patna".

www.buysellrentpatna.in is an endeavor to digitize Patna Real Estate and be a proud BIHARI Entrepreneur; with global presence.

Future Endeavor

We have time to talk and listen. With property rates in Patna soaring to new records, everyone in Patna talks Real Estate . The rentals in Patna have soared too. The reasons are debated day in and out in every gathering. Therefore to utilize ours, so called ample time; we too have started talking about real estate in Patna, though on internet, through our research, data, articles and a team to serve. We intent to give every Bihari (in and out  of Bihar) a platform to search for all type of buy, sell and rent deals in property in Patna as an aggregator, researcher and facilitator. We would be covering both residential and commercial properties in Patna. It means; apartments in Patna, houses in Patna, land in Patna and offices in Patna. Nothing, out of box. Our team would gather information for people who desire to deal in real estate in Patna or Property in Patna and put it on this website and also facilitate the transactions through our team. We believe that NICHES and SUBSPECIALITIES can now survive thanks to the INTERNET. Achieving operational and service competency is our first objective. 


BUY and SELL property in Patna


How to BUY Property in Patna !!

To buy a property in Patna involves answers to questions like Why, Where and How?

First, you should determine the purpose of this purchase.  Do you eventually want to live in Patna? Is this for a parent? Is this strictly an investment in Patna? And many such questions. Your answer will affect where and with which developer, seller and site your purchase will be made.

Secondly, determine a budget. New construction properties in Patna are an excellent investment or modern, end use property in Patna, but there is more than just base sale price to consider. Additionally, with any property, considerations should be taken of charges upon possession: stamp duty, registration charges, legal fees, brokerage fees (if applicable), yearly taxes and more.

Next, focus on the city Patna. Investigate current and future infrastructure in Patna, including connectivity to national highways, airports, and public transportation. One critical factor to consider is the job growth rate and employment opportunities when determining future rental income and resale value. Also, examine convenience factors and quality of life, including access to shopping and greenery.  These factors have all generally resulted in appreciation of home value. We serve you in more than 50 areas in Patna.

Additionally, when choosing a new construction property in Patna, it is crucial to research builder reputation, including ease of transaction, on-time delivery, compliance with the buyer’s agreement, quality of construction, and delivery of amenities promised. Based on your budget, look for the development in Patna that has the highest quality and offers modern amenities, such as clubhouse and pool. The asking price of the home should commensurate with existing marketing value of comparative properties in Patna.

Once you have done a basic evaluation on most of the above criteria’s, our website and our experts will help you in researching in depth most of these questions; Get in touch with us through phone, mail or personally. We listen and talk all the time.




How to SELL real estate in Patna !!

If you’re thinking of selling your Patna home/land/apartment/flat/office or any other property in Patna, there are a few tips and tricks you can use in order to make sure your property in Patna is sold fast and at a fair price. Whether you decide to work with a real estate agent in Patna or you’re going to go about selling on your own, check out these helpful tips- And if you’ve got more questions, feel free to reach out to us (info@buysellrentpatna.in).


Boost Your Property’s Presence Online: The majority of real estate buyers begin their search online (some statistics are as high as 92% around the world, though it is lower for Patna). That means if you hope to get your property sold, you need to improve your properties online presence. You can do this in a variety of ways- Post pics and details of your home on Facebook and other social networks, create a short and easy video of your home or reach out to Patna real estate forums and/or blogs. We too can post your property in Patna on our site and market it in Patna and to NRBs.


Leave a Few Things Behind: We are not saying leaving some garbage around- But feel free to leave behind your washer and dryer if it will sweeten the deal. It’s a common practice to create incentives for buyers. If you’ve got a prospective buyer on the line in Patna, adding an appliance may be what seals the deal.


De-Personalize Your Home: Remember, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Try removing all of your family portraits and personal nik-naks in order to give potential buyers in Patna a chance to envision themselves living in your house.


Know Your Competition: Before officially putting your home on the market, make sure you take the time to research the homes in your neighborhood. This can give you an idea of what is the right price to set for your property in Patna, as well as learn a few ways that others are marketing their homes. Attend a few open houses nearby, as well as check real estate websites online.


At last remember anyone and everyone talk property in Patna. From your maid, milkman, washer man (dhobi) to the kiranawala and panwala near you house.  Your valuations need to depend on your realistic estimate and not by the grapevine. Any value you will sell at, there will be people telling you that they would have got a better price for you. Parting away from a loved one is painful and therefore it holds true with the sell of property too. Post sale dissonance is justified, it happens with most of the sellers. And if you think, external advice is required just 






RENT property in Patna


RENT in Patna

You’re considering renting a house in Patna, there are some very important things to keep in mind so you can make sure you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and you can get; what’s closest to what you want. 

What is the condition of the unit? Before you sign a lease or a rental agreement, if possible, always have the renter/leaser show you the exact unit you’ll live in. Even if they show you another unit claiming it to be the exact copy, insist on seeing the space that you’re going to be occupying before you sign the papers and pay the cash. Take your time and do a thorough inspection, checking out the condition of appliances, windows, and walls. 

How’s the noise level? Check with the neighbors and the security guards.  If peace and quietness is important to you, ask when noise levels are highest in the building.


What’s the parking situation? Are you going to have your own designated parking spot? If not, make sure the parking rules are clearly explained. Make sure that there will be room for your car. And if you plan on having a regular guests visit you, make sure there’s someplace where they can park, too. 

Are there grocery shops, schools and hospitals nearby? Getting to know neighborhood is an important part of your search. Get to know where the most convenient places is to shop for groceries, go for laundry, and where the nearest hospitals and clinics are. Access to the goods and services you use most will be important to you once you settle in. If you have kids make sure that school is not too far - you need to make choice of school first and then decide in which area of Patna you would like the flat to be.


How much can I alter/ decorate the place? Some leases place restrictions on what kind of decorating a tenant can do. For example, some owners don’t allow residents to paint or make holes in the walls. If setting your own decor is important to you, make sure you know exactly what’s allowed. 

How are maintenance issues handled? Ask about the procedures for handling maintenance issues and repair requests: Should you put them in writing or is verbal notice appropriate? Is there an on-site maintenance crew? Should you pay them after the repair or are they paid separately? 

Are there any monthly fees? You know you have to pay rent every month. But there might be other monthly fees associated with renting an apartment, often called a ‘maintenance fee’. You may also be responsible for paying some or all of the utilities. Make sure you understand — and can afford — the actual cost of renting an apartment.



Try to reach to your friends or colleagues to get reference for a good Agent/Broker in Patna to find a flat for you. Decide in advance about the Rent you are comfortable to pay for a flat in Patna. Keep 5-10% tolerance in case you find something too good! Have frank and open discussions with your real estate agent in Patna to avoid any trouble later during finalization of the deal for rent. Make sure that you view at least 5-6 flats in the same area before you make a final decision. Do not make hasty attempt to finalize something just in case real estate Agent in Patna is pressurizing that this is the Best you can get! There are ample flats in Patna and no need to hurry. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions in the contract. If any doubt take your time and take help of someone who understands the contract. Do not pay more rent in advance than it is normally given.



On the other hand........



A home is a precious asset, monetarily as well as emotionally. Renting it out to a total strange entity is always a matter of deep concern. The social and emotional implications are great. Society complaining, home defiled, late rent and so on.

Some precautions and these headaches can be avoided.

Always check out the credentials of the potential tenant. Make sure the credentials are credit worthy.

Always demand for an identity card.

Students: Ask for current college ID card.

Working bachelor: Ask for company ID card and other details like the work span in that company etc.

Family: Company ID card for both the spouses if it’s a working couple.

Make sure you always have references to the tenants by a fair minded and a sound person. It just makes the whole procedure safe and trustworthy.

Always makes your terms and conditions clear to the tenant. For e.g. only vegetarians allowed, or if its a few male tenants sharing then no females allowed etc. always take into consideration what the society in which the flat is situated expects and term it accordingly. Fix the rent collection date and be firm on it also on the method of payment (cash/cheque etc)

Always check the tenant’s background as its highly necessary precaution. Check their habits and nature.

Student: if possible have a word with the college authorities and check out their records. Also know more about their family background for e.g. where do the parents stay, what’s their occupation, if they know anyone else in the city etc.

Working Bachelors: check the company`s credit, employment verification also know their habits, check into their family background to get more idea about the individual.

Family: know more about the husband/wife relationship as to get the general idea how the home would be treated and their background as well.

Tenant verification is mandatory. You have to verify the information given by the potential tenant with your areas police station in Patna, so they can run a background check on criminal history of the tenant, if any. Only then you can rent out your home. Tenant verification forms are available at your area`s police station. Not submitting the form is a punishable offense.


Renting a home should be a smooth experience we say, so if you have any more suggestions to avoid the obstacles and discontent, please share it with us. We would be happy to hear from you. Just go to our RENT page or contact us to help us rent and rent out a property in Patna.



In April, 2015 we have taken the first small step; we have begun in Real Estate Patna. With this motto in mind;

 Love Everyone;

Everyone is Right;

It is how they see Things and this is Their way;

You just mind Your way;



We have miles to go……. And we hope the side scroll will get tedious and more tedious with time to come. We hope to get help in our endeavor from all around us. We will make all out efforts to deliver services beyond expectations.Lets' do it.

In April, 2017 we are proud to grow  our team to FIVE. And we have an office too to accomodate our family.  In the last twoyears we have served more than hundred customers and thousand have visited us on internet or office..