investment in Patna

LOCATION:- Ishopur Road, east of Mission

SIZE:- 5 kathhas .

PRICE:- Rs. 7 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Individual.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- It is a developing area of Phulwarisharif in Patna. The Ishopur road will gain more prominence in future.

invest in land in Patna

LOCATION:- Painal ,  on Shiwala-Bihta road, backside of water park about half km from main road.

SIZE:- 16 kathhas .

PRICE:- Rs. 14.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmers.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- It is a well commected land to Shiwala-Bihta road,
Painal is developing as commercial hub with water-park Goal Institute etc.coming up in the area. Numbers of developers are already working in the locality.

Iinvestment in land Patna

LOCATION:- Naubatpur ,  on Chachaul road, 2.5 kms from CP Thakur's college, north of Dariyapur.

SIZE:- 6 Bighas .

PRICE:- Rs. 4.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmers.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- It is a well commected land to Naubatpur, Vikram and even Bihta. With a time horizon of 3-4 years if land is developed it can bring in high returns. OR if purchase in Bighas and sell in feets is applied it is a bargain even right now.

LOCATION:- Punpun ,  one km west of Punpun

SIZE:- 17 katthas .

PRICE:- Rs. 9.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmer.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- With brodening of NH 82 and NH 83 and other roads coming up in the area, Punpun has come in the radar of developers in Patna. If the investment objective is for longer term it can be a multi bagger investment in Land in Patna.

LOCATION:- Brahmpura ,  near police colony, south of police colony on survey water canal 30 feet wide, North facing.

SIZE:- 8 katthas .

PRICE:- Rs. 15.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmer.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- Brahmpura behind Beur-Anishabad-Phulwari is a hot property destination in Patna. The price level of property in the area is right for middle class to invest. Bihta-Sarmera Four Lane  too touches this area;  8 katthas in future can be sold  in smaller parts as its georaphical shape allows for it.

LOCATION:- Parsa ,  near Simra Gumti, Near Mandir, East of Mandir on 30 feet pitch road . 20 feet from water canal

SIZE:- 18 katthas .

PRICE:- Rs. 14.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmer.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- We project an appreciation in Parsa area as road from Gaya-Patna is getting built and Bihta-Sarmera too touches this area;  Land in future can be sold  in smaller parts as its georaphical shape allows for itt. .

LOCATION:- Gopalpur ,  near B.Ed college, on road . about 6 kms from AIIMS Patna.Also very                              close to Bihta- Sarmera 4 lane

SIZE:- 18 katthas with a frontage of more than 100 feet on road.

PRICE:- Rs. 8.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Farmer.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- We project an appreciation of 3 times in 10 years; inflation                                                                adjusted. Developers already selling residential plotts around it. One project is going on just opposite to it. Land in future can be sold  in smaller parts .

LOCATION:- On main NH-98 , Naubatpur Vikram road, 200mts from turn towards Vikram                                   from Naubatpur; Commercial PLOT.

SIZE:- 20 katthas

PRICE:- Rs. 15 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- Government Servant; Land was purchased for investment in 2007.

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- We project an appreciation of 2.5 times in 10 years; inflation                                                                adjusted. It is a commercial property. It can be sold in smaller                                                              chunks too, to reap in greater value.

LOCATION:- On main NH , Patna Bihta road, Near Painal, Stone throw away distance from                               Water Park ; Commercial PLOT.

SIZE:- 10.75 katthas

PRICE:- Rs. 22 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- A Local Farmer

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- We project an appreciation of 2 times in 10 years; inflation                                                                     adjusted. It is a commercial property. Areas around it is already                                                         witnessing commercial set ups.

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Gopalpur Near AIIMS Patna – Patna’s Real Estate's High Return Investment Location

First and foremost large tract of land is available for sale in this geography of Patna popularly known as Gopalpur in Patna real estate. Large number of residential plots for sale is available in this region near AIIMS Patna.


LOCATION:- Just 2 .75 kms from AIIMS main gate, on Janipur road which goes to Punpun.                             Very well connected from many important roads

SIZE:- 13 katthas

PRICE:- Rs. 7.5 Lakhs/kattha

OWNER:- A Local Farmer

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK:- We project an appreciation of 3 times in 10 years; inflation                                                               adjusted. It is a residential property. Areas around it is                                                                     already  witnessing upteem activities by developers in Patna.

12 reasons to invest in land in Patna.

Capital of fastest growing and youngest(youth population) state of India. Fertile land and high water availability. A population of about 12 crores of the state is ready pool of labour. The next growth story of promienence will be written in Patna....

1. The simplicity and stability that comes with owning the right piece of land in Patna (purchased at the right price) can far outweigh the myriad 

of challenges that comes with any other type of real estate in Patna


2. If you want to park your cash somewhere and forget about it, buying land in Patna could be exactly the investment vehicle you're looking 



3. Land is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn't wear out, doesn't depreciate, and nothing can get broken, stolen or destroyed. Put all of these 

benefits together with your ability to buy it in a growing market like Patna and you can get yourself a tag of “visionary investors” from 

generations to come in your family. 


4. Land is an extremely valuable resource with limited quantities available in Patna. 


5. When you purchase land in the area of growth in Patna, you will find yourself with a finite asset that a lot of other people want to get their 

hands on but could not. 


6. If you go into buying land in Patna with the intent of holding the right property for the long-term, it can be a lot more profitable than any 

other retirement vehicle out  there in Indian market. 


7. There is little maintenance in land in Patna compared to other Real Estate Investments in Patna. 


8. There is one crucial consideration when purchasing land. You should have a defined financial justification for your investment in Patna. This 

typically means that you  should either receive a substantial discount over valuation, or buy land in Patna in an area where rapid price increases 

can reasonably be expected. 


9. Land is already a valuable asset in Patna and prices reflect that fact. However, development continues in Patna at a rapid pace, so purchasing 

land in Patna and  holding it for the medium to long-term remains a strong investment opportunity because supply of land is extremely limited 

in and around Patna. 


10. Finding land in areas where prices will rapidly increase requires diligence and research. The more attention you pay to infrastructural and 

business developments in  the areas you are considering for investment in Patna, the bigger your head start over other investors and the more 

likely you are to find lucrative land investment opportunities in Patna. 


11. The key to making money is to know exactly what to look for when you’re choosing your investment in Patna, as well as the steps you need 

to take to turn a piece of  land in Patna into a gold mine. Successfully turning over a piece of land requires that you do a lot of homework, 

because what happens to the area around your land  can have a huge impact on its future value. 


12. An undeveloped piece of land can be a stable asset over the years, which might be worth many times its purchase price down the line. The 

great thing about land is  that there is only so much of it on the planet. And as a limited resource, the value goes up and up as there is less of the 

resource available.

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