Anisabad lies on the Patna By-Pass road and next to Phulwari Sharif on one side and Beur on the other. It is about 3 kms from Patna airport and 5 kms from Patna railway station. Anisabad is an old area of Patna. It is a typical residential colony with houses and apartments spread in narrow colony lanes.


In recent times due to its vicinity to By-Pass and the broadening of By-Pass Anisabad has assumed high commercial value. A large number of godowns and warehouses have come up in Anisabad. The population has surged in this locality and a number of private unplanned colonies have cropped up. Congestion, traffic snarls, water and electricity scarcity are frequent in this area. Never ever dare to find an address in this area, if you are the first timer!


All in all Anisabad reflects the story of unplanned growth of Patna. The values of land and flats have grown manifold in Anisabad. The open spaces have reduced to small residential colonies with houses built in one-two kathas of land and 15-20 feet wide lanes, with no sewerage and drainage facility. Parks and playing fields have disappeared. Manik Chand Talab too is begging for maintenance. Environmental apathy is in abundance in Anisabad. Anisabad has a large Police Colony.



1) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A04012015

     3 BHK FLATS FOR RENT INANISABAD,                ALI NAGAR, NEAR S RAZA HIGH SCHOOL             FIRST FLOOR.                                                                   RENT RS. 13000/ MONTH+ MAINTENANCE

2) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A03012015

     3 BHK FLAT FOR RENT IN ANISABAD,                  HARNICHAK, BY-PASS ROAD                                    SECOND FLOOR. 

     RENT RS. 12000/ MONTH

3) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A02012015 

     1 BHK FLAT FOR RENT IN ANISABAD,                  HARNICHAK, BY-PASS ROAD                                    SECOND FLOOR. 

     RENT RS. 2000/ MONTH

4) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A01012015 

     1 BHK FLAT FOR RENT IN ANISABAD,                  HARNICHAK, BY-PASS ROAD, NEAR                      MAHINDRA SERVICE CENTER                                    THIRD FLOOR. 

     RENT RS. 3000/ MONTH

5) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A06012015 

    2 BHK FLAT FOR RENT IN ANISABAD,                  HARNICHAK, BY-PASS ROAD , NEAR                      MAHINDRA SERVICE STATION                                   THIRD FLOOR. 

     RENT RS. 6000/ MONTH 


6) PROPERTY CODE:- T09A005A07012015  

    3 BHK FLAT FOR RENT IN ANISABAD,                         HARNICHAK, BY-PASS ROAD , NEAR                           MAHINDRA SERVICE STATION                                       FIRST FLOOR.  

     RENT RS. 9000/ MONTH