Digha in Patna is the place from which the famous and one of the tastiest Mango varieties DIGHA MALDA got its name. Unfortunately the concrete jungle has replaced the once famous Mango orchards in Digha. The other jewel in Digha’s crown is famous historical and the most prestigiousschool of Patna; St. Michael’s High School. The school was established in 1857 during the British Raj.


On our website, we include the complete Danapur Bansghat road starting from St. Michael’s till Danapur Cantonment in Digha area. Knowingly a part of Danapur including the office of Danapur Municipality is brought in this area. B S College Danapur too will fall in Digha locality on our website. Reserve Bank Staff colony and Mithila Colony lies in Digha.


Digha which earlier was more a village and agricultural area, now has developed into a crowded residential colony of Patna; marked by residential houses and apartments. The mango gardens have given way to modern high raise apartments. Its nearness to western Patna, development of Gola road which connects it to Bailey road and the proposed road onGanga and the ongoing construction of Digha Hazipur railway cum Road Bridge has given new dimensions to Famous Digha Ghat. The connectivity of Digha was always good and now it is turning to be strategic. Investment in real estate in Digha is picking up day by day.