A positive, can-do attitude is a must for beginning your journey; otherwise all of your attempts to sell your property will be half-hearted and ineffectual. It takes time and expertise to maximize the exposure of the property to the largest and most qualified audience.


All that is ultimately required to sell a house is, “A customer ‘‘ready, able, and willing to buy’’ (or RAW customer).


What a lot of people do is price their home in Patna extremely high just to see what kind of initial offers they’ll get. Then, when they don’t get any offers, they’re forced to drop their price. They have to keep dropping it and dropping it, and then after a while people start to wonder why the property has been on the market for so long. They start to think that something must be wrong with the property. Then the sellers have to drop the price so low that they end up losing money. They taint the property by playing that game.


Overcoming the objections of the buyers is best served by a third party who can point out personal experiences of many other transactions s/he has personally handled.


Getting the buyers to like and trust you takes time. That’s one of the reasons for making the meeting a relaxed and pleasant experience. At that time, your goal as the seller, or seller’s agent, is to take your time and let the buyers lead the way. The best brokers in Patna stay out of the way and let the buyers set the pace of the showing through the home for the first time. Simply keep in mind that the goal is to get the buyers to like and trust you and feel that you really care.


It’s human nature that people just don’t want to give up on what they want. There’s an old expression, ‘‘Buyers are liars, and sellers are storytellers.’’ Does this mean that people are inherently bad or have malicious intentions? Of course not, but people won’t always volunteer the truth about what they really want. Once you know what they want, you can create a win-win situation.


You will sell your real estate in Patna for a fair price, and the buyers will get a good value for their money. You want to make money while solving their problem. Their problem is that they need to buy a house. No lying, no manipulating, and no sleaziness involved. It’s just negotiating!


‘God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.’’ We should listen twice as much as we talk. This last statement is probably the most important part of negotiating, since it will yield the greatest amount of information that you can use to your advantage to achieve the highest possible price.