BUY Flats  IN Mithapur

Mithapur is in southern part of Patna besides Patna railway station from Karbighayia side. Mithapur over bridge since 2011 connects this locality with northern side of Patna. On the other side of Mithapur is the By-Pass. The main BUS STAND of Patna is in Mithapur. Mithapur therefore has both the railway station and bus stand. We include Puranderpur with Mithapur on our website.  


Mithapur is an old locality and densely populated and very congested. Mithapur Sabzi Mandi is a large vegetable market in Patna.Chanakya National Law University is located in Mithapur. The area around Bus stand in Mithapur has a number of lodging and boarding facilities. Most of the locality is marked with by lanes and old houses. A number of Bank branches too are located in Mithapur. Driving through the inner parts of Mithapur is simply pain.


Puranderpur is the locality, were a number of apartments have cropped up in recent times. It has assumed importance after the construction of Mithapur OverBridge. Bengali road is an important road in Puranderpur area.