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To Buy a Flat, A House or Land in Patna?


When it comes to purchasing residential property in Patna, it is always a dilemma to buy a flat in Patna or a constructed independent house in Patna or land in Patna. House for sale in Patna is limited and is expensive propositions plus time taking. Land in Patna requires more time to buy plus additional effort and money to develop it.

Why a flat in Patna?


On the other hand the flats in Patna are on high demand nowadays because they are affordable and easy to buy and maintain when compared to independent houses in Patna. Moreover, the apartments are considered safer than stand alone houses in Patna when it comes to burglary and theft, as they have security all around the time.

Which type of flat?

Once one has decided to buy flat in Patna, one has to to choose from a variety of flats in Patna. Key factors in decision making while buying a flat in Patna are; Location, Price, Quality and Amenities. There are many different types of flats available in Patna including 1BHK flats, 2BHK flats, 3BHK flats and even 4BHK flats. One can easily select the size of the flat in Patna as per family size, budget and lifestyle requirements.


A typical middle class family with income around 5 lakhs rupees annually in Patna can buy a 2BHK flat in Patna,as these 2BHK flats in Patna are available at affordable prices in developing locations in Patna. Affordable here means rates of Rs.3000 per sq.ft or so. The flat would cost around Rupees 35 Lakhs or so in upcoming areas of Patna. Still with home loans as aid middle class Bihari can afford them.



The 2BHK flats in Patna are the most sought after property segment in Patna as they are affordable and therefore 2BHK flats in Patna make a great investment opportunity for real estate investors in Patna too. 2BHK flats in Patna are most in demand from rent point of view too in Patna. This makes 2BHK flats in Patna the most liquid asset in the so called illiquid asset class of real estate Patna.


If one  is looking forward to buying 2BHK flat in Patna, then buying  it in a suitable apartment in Patna as per your requirements can be quite challenging. Remember your 2BHK flat will be just one unit out of many units in the apartment. Therefore society (other people in that apartment) matters in addition to quality of construction, its location and maintenance. To know the details start from a local real estate website, call some real estate agents and your friends and family too can be resource centres. Most important visit the apartments in the locality you have chosen for your 2 BHK flat. Visit at different times of day like morning, afternoon, evening and night. It will help you to know the locality better and even the society better.


Take your time because it’s once in a lifetime decision.

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