Flats in Patna

Growth of Flats in Patna.



It was in later half of 1980s that the concept of Flats in Patna were ushered. It was the result of construction of  gandhi setu,  the bridge over ganga connecting north and south Bihar. Patna as state capital gained big time. 

Udaygiri, Himgiri, Nilgiri, Jamuna, Ganga and Krishna apartments were the starting point of culture of living in FLATS IN PATNA. 3 bhk flats were mainly constructed in Patna, though 2 bhk flats were also made. The construction of flats in Patna gave rise to REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY IN PATNA. Land prices began rising and business in property started to assume new dimensions in Patna Real Estate. 

In central Patna, areas like Exhibition road, Dak Bungalow witnessed mushrooming of commercial as well as residential high rises. Multi-Storeys adroned the skyline of cental Patna. The business community loved to stay in Flats in Patna near their shops and offices. Flats in Patna near the shops were comfortable for them. Nichey dukaan, Upar Makaan. In absence of city development plan in Patna, 3 bhk flats in Patna cropped up even in narrowest of by lanes in central Patna. Slowly increase in number of flats in Patna in small surrounding started to put pressure on infrastructure. As city limits were confined to a very small area and no development was taking place to grow, Patna Central became decorated with labyrinth of flats to say the least.

3 bhk flats in Patna became a mainstay of property in Patna. 3 bhk flats;were more in demand in Patna as in early 90s and late 80s family sizes in Patna were still large. Joint families were in vogue. In business family, joint families are still popular. With  rising property prices in Patna, 3 bhk flats in Patna started to be out of budget for many Patnaites. The home buyers were not from Patna only but Biharis all over the world wanted a piece of the REAL ESTATE IN PATNA.

After the commercial areas of central Patna was cluttered with apartments consisting of 3 bhk flats, other areas like Rajendra Nagar, KankarBagh and Boring Road in Patna came to forefront in Patna real estate. The format remained same. By-lanes, 15-20 feets wide were targeted to erect 3-5 floors of an apartment with land areas of 3-5 katthas. Apartments contained about 20- 30 units of 3 bhk flats.