Flat Purchase in


Why,Where and How?

Why, where and how are most important questions a buyer in Patna shall know before making a decision to purchase flat in Patna.


First, home buyers in Patna must make up their mind that why are they buying the flat; PURPOSE of flat purchase in Patna. Is the buyer going to live in Patna and in the purchased flat in Patna? What is the age of buyer? You are young or retired!  Are you purchasing flat in Patna for your parents? Or is this strictly an investment in Patna? The answer to these questions which clearly answers the purpose of flat purchase in Patna will affect where and with which builder in Patna, seller, location and site the flat purchase in Patna will be made.


Secondly, determine a budget. Yes, what is affordable for the buyer? It differs on case to case basis. Do not over stretch your budget. There are flats available for every budget in Patna. You will find suitable for you with a bit of search and research or help from friends and relatives or if you can afford to pay brokerage to real estate agents in Patna. Brokerage in Patna is 2% of the purchase price of flat in Patna.  New construction residential projects in Patna are an excellent investment as well as modern end use property in Patna, but there is more than just base sale price to consider when one is purchasing flat in Patna in new residential projects in Patna. Considerations should be taken of charges upon possession: stamp duty, registration charges, legal fees, brokerage fees (if applicable), yearly taxes and more.


Next, focus on the city Patna to determine the location. Investigate current and future infrastructure in Patna, including connectivity to national highways, airports, and public transportation. If you are an investor and your sole purpose to purchase flat in Patna is investment, one critical factor to consider is the job growth rate and employment opportunities when determining future rental income and resale value of flat in Patna. Also, examine convenience factors and quality of life, including access to shopping and greenery.  These factors have all generally resulted in appreciation of property value in Patna.


Additionally, when choosing new residential projects in Patna, it is crucial to research builder reputation, including ease of transaction, on-time delivery, compliance with the buyer’s agreement, quality of construction, and delivery of amenities promised. Based on your budget, look for the development in Patna that has the highest quality and offers modern amenities, such as clubhouse and pool. The asking price of the home should commensurate with existing marketing value of comparative properties in Patna.


Once one has done a basic evaluation on most of the above criteria’s, one has enough ammunitions to begin flat purchase in Patna.