Residential Plots in


Affordability of residential plots in Patna



A kattha (1361 sq.ft) of residential plot in Patna in developing localities like Gola road is around Rs.50 Lakhs. 

The roads that you will get in front of these residential plots in Patna are 15 feet to 20 feet wide. . Residential 

plots in Patna’s so called posh locations like Sri Krishnapuri costs around Rs 1 Crore per Kattha. Here the roads 

are wider and it’s a more planned colony. The construction cost per sq.ft of residential house in Patna, typical 

middle class finishing, is around Rs.1200. Therefore even in developing areas like Gola road a middle class 

would cough off round about a Crore to build a “DREAM HOME IN PATNA”. According to certain statistics 

(accuracy doubtful) Patna has around 2 Lakhs houses. Can we dare to say or draw a hypothesis that Patna 

consists of 2 Lakhs CROREPATIS!!! Isn’t it an irony, because Patna is the state capital of one of the poorest states 

of India?


Any residential plot were one can build a house in Patna now, is not less than Rs 30 Lakhs. It means even 

simplest of home in Patna for a middle class Bihari is at least worth Rs. 50 Lakhs. How come so many houses 

are being built in Patna? The reason is that these residential plots in Patna were purchased earlier, at least a 

decade ago and now the investors in land in Patna are reaping the benefits.


Now if the young in Patna wants to have their home in Patna after a decade they will have to invest in the same 

way in Patna Real Estate. Let us take a case study of comparing past and present and explain the “residential 

plots in Patna life-cycle”.

 Saguna Mor AND Shivala Chowk – A Case Study in Patna Real Estate

Let us do a comparative study of Saguna Mor 10 years ago and Shivala Chowk today.


Saguna Mor was 10 kms away from Income Tax Golambar. Today, Shivala is almost 10 kms away from Saguna 

Mor. Ashiana, Ara Garden and Rukunpura were developing full swing and some development had spread 

around RPS and DPS schools past Nahar. Today Khagaul till Danapur Railway Station is developing full 

swing and a bit of development is spread near Sarari Gumti. The next is Shivala.


Land prices were around Rs.8 to 12 Lakhs around Saguna Mor for residential plots ten years ago, today they are 

around Rs. 40 lakhs per kattha for residential plots. Today land prices are 10- 15 lakhs per kattha for

buying residential plots in Patna around Shivala, what will they be 10 years after? Now, one can imagine!!


As far as western Patna is concerned, it is moving towards Shivala- Neora- Bela (10 kms) on west till Bihta

The road from Shivala to Naubatpur is another destination to acquire residential plots in Patna. This road is 

about 10 kms in length. The next road of importance is Shivala- Usri- Danapur. This road is already populated 

by two Press factories of Hindustan and Dainik Jagran. All these stretches are almost 10 kms.


As schools and hospitals spearheaded development around Saguna Mor, the same is taking place again around 

Shivala. Around Shivala the LAUNCHPAD is ready and the take off is a year or two away for residential plots 

in Patna in this area.

If you wish a property in Patna, it seems History is repeating in real estate Patna.