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How to go about selling your property in Patna?

First and foremost one needs to realize prior to selling property in Patna that anyone and everyone talk about property in Patna. Experts are all around you. From your maid, milkman, washer man (dhobi) to the kiranawala and panwala near you house, to your friends and relatives. Therefore your valuations need to depend on your realistic estimate and not by the grapevine. Any value you will sell your property in Patna at, there will be people, the self appointed experts, telling you that they would have got a better price for you. Parting away from a loved one is painful and therefore it holds true with the sell of property in Patna too. Post sell dissonance is justified, it happens with most of the sellers. Before meeting the buyers, get the Valuation and Emotion balanced.


Secondly remember, It’s a Digital world!! You yourself spend so much time on social media, yes! Other mortals too are like you. It means the property in Patna which you want to sell MUST have digital presence. People could look at it online. Its photos and details needs to be available to buyers online for a preliminary view. The majority of property buyers begin their search online (some statistics are as high as 92% around the world, though it is lower for properties in Patna). You can do this in a variety of ways- Post pictures and details of your home on Facebook and other social networks, create a short and easy video of your home or reach out to Patna real estate forums and/or blogs.


Third, once you have valued the property and put it on internet and spread the word in your circle, wait for a quarter to gauge the results. If results are encouraging, GREAT!! If after 3 months you are not satisfied, touch base with real estate agents in Patna for selling your property in Patna. Do not call more than 3. It is more than enough in Patna. More important is pick two brokers from referrals and one online. You will have to pay real estate agents 2% of the sale value of your property in Patna.


Once you have done all the above remember to follow up on internet as well as real estate agents in Patna. Every week “RE-BAKE” on internet and talk to your agents.


If the sale value is less than a Crore, it will need about 3-6 months to sell your property in Patna if you follow te steps written above. If the value exceeds a crore and is less than 2.5 crores it will sell out in 9 months and anything above 2.5 crores is an open field and can take its own time. You just need to hold your valuations and emotions.